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  • List of spanish and irish songs? - Quora

    List of spanish and irish songs? Im hunting for more pure genres.. NowThe all time availability of that dub and trances is getting onto my nerve

  • Has Northern Ireland lost its Irish culture and identity? -

    While I do think the other answer “No.” is sufficient, I think there’s also room for expansion. I think there are ways in which the Irish

  • is, undeniably, the worst thing about Irish culture? - Quora

    Matt Taylor’s answer is all you need to know! I just want to add the following: Culturally, growing up Irish, even of Irish descent in certain US

  • Where can I buy fresh lobsters in Dublin, Ireland? - Quora

    Where can I buy fresh lobsters in Dublin, Ireland?Can you answer this question?AnswerRelated Questions What are the best restaurants in Dublin, Ireland?

  • consumer tech start-ups in Dublin, Ireland? - Quora

    What are the most interesting consumer tech start-ups in Dublin, Ireland?2 AnswersJim Cumiskey 225 Views Hassle, Hailo, Prospr Written Jul 16, 2014

  • Why did conflict break out in Northern Ireland? - Quora

    Hide this message.Quora Sign InConflicts of Interest Northern Ireland The Republic of Ireland Ireland (island)Why

  • (rejoining Ireland) now that Brexit is official? - Quora

    * Scotland. Very likely. They have an interesting argument they can veto Brexit (legally arguable, as Westminster can change the law, but politically it

  • Are writers tax exempt in Ireland? - Quora

    Between 1969 and 2010, Ireland allowed writers and other artists who actually lived in Ireland to exempt all of their royalty income from taxation

  • an Irish girlfriend in Dublin | Ireland (island) - Quora

    A guy who kisses hands and looks deep into eyes, I would think would probably be seen as a very creepy to an Irish , especially in the early

  • open old wounds in Ireland and Northern Ireland? - Quora

    No it will not do that in the Republic…the wounds have largely healed but there are scars there and Brexiteers are not helping with ignorant

  • Is U2 the best Irish band? If not, who is? - Quora

    Van Morrison with the Chieftains is the best Irish band in the last 25 Quora User, Love all kindsyes even country! Written May 4, 2015

  • As a British or Irish, why are some of you wearing shorts in

    I can hand on heart say I havent seen anyone in shorts since October 2018 so im unsure where you may have witnessed this, however, what happens in

  • key differences between Irish and Scottish culture? - Quora

    The Cultural differences between Scotland and Ireland are methodically assessed below using the latest advances in qualitative analysis. Comedy: Father Ted (

  • What is it like to move to Dublin (Ireland)? - Quora

    Dublin, Ireland Republic of Ireland Ireland (island) MovingWhat is it like to move to Dublin (Ireland)?6 AnswersGuilherme Macedo 1.3k Views - rental

  • What are the prices of vegetables in Dublin, Ireland? - Quora

    You can check out the cost of living in Ireland on various websites, such as Cost of Living in Dublin, which lists the prices of some food items

  • What was Ireland like in the 7th century? - Quora

    Life in seventh century Ireland was not so bad if you were a wealthy nobleman or woman, although a man of the warrior class had a fairly high

  • Is Northern Ireland currency accepted in England, Wales and

    Hide this message.Quora Sign InWales Northern Ireland Scotland EnglandIs Northern Ireland currency accepted in En

  • country is nice to retire to for UK/Irish nationals? - Quora

    Which European country is nice to retire to for UK/Irish nationals?2 AnswersCristovão de Noronha, World Knowledge 263 Views • Cristovão has 30+

  • Why should Indians study in Ireland? - Quora

    Reasons to study in Ireland: * Courses are taught in English * Courses are globally recognised and accredited by leading academic bodies * Scholarships are

  • move abroad from the United States, say to Ireland? - Quora

    What is the best way to move abroad from the United States, say to Ireland?2 AnswersMartijn Sjoorda, Been around the block in the US

  • Did the Vikings noticeably change Irish culture? - Quora

    this would be a hard question to answer not knowing much about the conditions on the ground at the time. the fact that people respond with a list

  • What is the ancestral history of the Irish? - Quora

    1 AnswerTom Tobin, wonderer, curious, questioning 26 Views The Irish are mainly descended from Celts who came from central As

  • What are the best parts of Northern Ireland? - Quora

    What are the best parts of Northern Ireland? With so many people from Northern Ireland living and working overseas, there is often some small part of

  • How to send a gifts from Ireland to India - Quora

    Hide this message.Quora Sign InIreland (island) Gift Giving Gifts IndiaHow do I send a gifts from Ireland to Indi

  • What is Irish brogue? - Quora

    What is Irish brogue?2 AnswersCarol Monahan, Succeeding through sheer force of personality 93 Views The word brogue is used worldwide to describe a

  • famous celtic/Irish tale could make an amazing film? - Quora

    Hide this message.Quora Ask New Question Sign InIrish Tale Fame and Mass PopularityWhat famous celtic/Irish tale cou

  • Rommel (Prussian) or Montgomery (Northern Ireland)? - Quora

    Who was the better officer: Rommel (Prussian) or Montgomery (Northern Ireland)?2 AnswersDan Smith 225 Views At the point where they stood against each

  • join the Republic of Ireland in the near future? - Quora

    Yes, if the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland called a border poll and a majority in Northern Ireland voted to join the Republic of Ireland. A

  • has included at least part of Ireland for centuries. - Quora

    Great Britain only refers to the island which contains the countries of England, Scotland and Wales. The UK also includes NI. The UK is a nation

  • Are automatic cars common in Ireland? - Quora

    They are not too common in Ireland but car rental companies will definitely have them available. Quite a lot of tourists visit from the US every year